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Star Wars trek

This section is no longer being updated. Please see StarWarsLocations.com for my current Star Wars website.

Film Sites

Star Wars trek: 6/99-Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Tikal National Park, Guatemala: 3/00
Buttercup Valley, CA: 2/01
Death Valley, CA: 4/01
Redwoods, CA: 6/01

Conventions and Exhibits

Star Wars Celebrities and ME

San Francisco Sci Fi Convention: 8/97
Washington DC: 1/99
Star Wars Celebration: 5/99
Plano Sci Fi Expo: 5/99
San Diego, California: 11/99
Hiller Aviation Museum: 3/01
TFAW Charity Lunch: 4/01
Alphacon: 5/01

George Lucas' Life

While reading books about George Lucas' life (such as Skywalking, Once Upon A Galaxy, Empire Building, The Making of ROTJ, The Making of Episode I, and several magazine or news articles), I wrote down all of the referances about places he has been and here are pictures of most of them.

Bay Area
Marin County
Los Angeles


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Famous Locations
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Jedi Order: Chu'unthor II
Mitch's trip


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