Letters: Christmas 1993

Christmas 1993

I have only 562 days to go!
Dear People,
       Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! It's Saturday and I'm at work because of duty that happens every 6 days. Last duty day was Sunday, December 5, my birthday. I turned 22 and I brought in a cake, candles and soda to celebrate. Happy, happy.. joy, joy.
       This last year has been: well, what can I say? You can't really describe a whole year with one word. I've had my ups and downs, fun and sad times, exciting and depressing times. It probably averages out to a pretty good year though. I mean, how bad could it be? I am 365 days closer to getting out of the NAVY! The following is what happened during the year.
       January to February was very cold and it snowed twice a couple of inches both times. I decided to not ride my motorcycle on these days. When March finally arrived, I had been on the Enterprise for 2 years. I was transferred to a new division where I work semi-normal hours finally. I had a hitch installed on the Cougar to haul my bide, as well as my friend Gerry's bike, to Marriso Motorsports Parkway in West Palm Beach, Florida to go to a racing school. It was my first time on a track and it rained 2 out of the 4 times we were out. I had an adrenaline rush for 3 days. Those were my winter months.
       From April to May, it started to become warmer and I headed for the beach to get a tan. I saved up enough money to buy some racing leathers. In June, Gerry, Russ and I loaded up Russ' truck and headed to Road Atlanta, Georgia for another racing school. The weather could not have been better, but Gerry still managed to crash. The only thing that was hurt was his wallet. At the end of the month I jumped on a plane and headed towards Nevada for the family reunion. This pretty much sums up my spring.
       In July, I got to spend some time at home in California after the family reunion. Although I had a great time, I had to return to Virginia after 20 days. August once again found Gerry and I hopping on our motorcycles and riding to Memphis, Tennessee for yet another racing school. It was a nice ride and we took 2 days to do it because it was 950 miles long. This time it was my turn to crash and I hit a hay bail going around a corner. I fixed it with a hammer and some tape and then drove back to Virginia the next day. September was a fairly uneventful month. I just saved money and bought racing boots and a back protector. The summer came to an end.
       In October, I decided to enter my first race. I put my bike on a trailer and headed for Summit Point, West Virginia. Gerry came along as my pit crew. Some other friends from work hauled their bikes out there themselves. I crashed yet again in the middle of a 50-mile endurance race. There were fewer bruises to me, but my bike more than made up for it. I was glad I had a trailer. I found out after I crashed that the name of the corner was "Slippery Point". With November came the money to fix my bike. It did not cost a whole lot of money, but I was broke before I left. I had to bum rides for 2 weeks because the brakes on the car broke the week after I got back. I turned 22 in December. I also took my finals for the 2 classes I am taking this semester. I took one class the semester before that. These two month long semesters are great! I now have 10 credit hours toward a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Technology. Thomas Edison College in New Jersey is offering the degree and they give a lot of credits for my Naval education. Hopefully I should be able to get my degree before I get out of the Navy in June 1995.
       Well, that's about it for this year. I can't wait to go home to California for Christmas. My leave starts on December 15 and goes until December 26. Until later.
       Bill Chirrick