Letters: Christmas 1994

Christmas 1994

Dear family and friends,
       The year of 1994 was much like a roller coaster with all of its ups and downs. The beginning of the year started off pretty good and continued to rise until March. Then suddenly everything began to spiral downward to the depths of unknown. When it seemed like there would be no end to this bottomless void, it started to level off in September. By the end of the month the ride was going upwards once again. It is now December and I believe I may have finally reached the surface. What a ride!
       January and February was nice. I was still paying off my credit cards for the motorcycle racing I did the year before. But, I was still looking forward to next season and knew it would be cheaper since I had all the basic equipment now. I even registered in advance for a race in April.
       Then March came around and ruined all of my plans. My motorcycle was stolen from in front of my apartment. I had insurance but it took over a month to collect and by then it was too late for the April race. I heard rumors of new bikes coming out soon so I waited to see how good they were. I now know that they won't be released until January '95.
       In April the overhaul of the Enterprise was coming to an end. So they took away our free apartments and moved us on board. Most people decided to rent places of their own, but to save money I gave the ship a try.
       During May and June I found out why shipboard life sucks. Everything I took for granted before became luxuries, such as hot water, climate control and storage space. I was also in an accident while riding in my friend Raudel's car. No one was hurt, but the insurance company totaled it out because it would cost more to fix the damage then the car was worth. He was still able to drive it after replacing the door with one from a junkyard.
       Not much happened from July to August. Except that my storage locker was broken into. About $2000 worth of stuff was stolen and of course (to save money on rent) I didn't have insurance. Two weeks later they tried again, but only got halfway through the lock this time. So I moved my belongings to another building and it hasn't been touched since.
       By September I really needed a vacation. So since my ship wasn't going anywhere I decided to see the world on my own and made reservations for a European vacation. My bad luck wasn't over yet though. The day before the vacation started I was in another accident with Raudel while in his car. This time it really was totaled and I got the wind knocked out of me when the passenger door hit me. I was so worried about catching my breath that I didn't even see the two kids who caused the accident running away on foot. My trip to Europe was still great and I got to see nine countries in seventeen days. Rome was incredible and I now know why Michaelangelo is so famous. Paris was very nice also and someday I would like to return to both cities and spend at least a week or so in each to see more.
       With October came the end of my international lifestyle. I got back to my day to day routine and watched the clock just to make sure that time was going by. November was pretty much the same, but I did hear some shocking news. My sister was five months pregnant which means soon I'll be an uncle. I can't wait.
       Now I'm finally up to December. I just turned 23 and am becoming an old man. My Naval career will soon be over and since most colleges only accept junior transfers, I've decided to live at home and go to a junior college for a year. Then I want to transfer to Berkeley and finish my degree, probably in Physics. I've also decided not to get a new bike so I can save more money, but who knows maybe I will buy a used one if I find a good deal.
       Well, that's about it for 1994. I guess it wasn't as good as last year, but it's over now. One great thing is that I am now 365 days closer to getting out of the Navy and leaving Virginia forever. I hope to see all of you soon.
       Bill Chirrick